About us

UCC Racquetball Club was set up in 2013. It is a club that welcomes players of all levels from beginners to advanced.Racquetball is a fast, exciting game that can be played all year round as it’s played indoors in a court like this. It can be played with 2 players called singles or four players called doubles.

This sport is ideal for anyone who either wants to play for fun or competitively and wants to get healthy and fit, while making friends and having fun. If you would like to join come along to training or email us.

How to play:

  • One person is serving and another is returning.
  • To get the rally started one person serves in the service zone (pictured below), you bounce the ball and then hit it to the front wall.
  • The ball has to bounce after the service zone line and before it hits the back wall.
  • If it bounces before passing this service zone line or if it hits the back wall on the fly that’s a fault. You only get two serves, so if you hit a fault you get a second serve, like in tennis.
  • Then the rally is started, the ball can only bounce once. So if the person returning the serve hits the ball to front wall and the other person is running to it, but it bounces twice before they get to it, then they lose their serve and the returner goes in to serve.
  • You can only score points when you’re serving and games are to 15.
  • The objective of the game is to get the server out of the box and be the first to get 15 points. Games are usually the best of 3.
  • Here is a link on how to play:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJVWRkiRXHM